Your first visit is to determine if chiropractic care in Longview WA and Battle Ground WA is appropriate for you. A complete chiropractic examination will be given which will include postural assessment and any necessary specific chiropractic x-rays.


The doctor will review exam findings and go over the cause of any problems you may have and how chiropractic will help you. The chiropractic adjustment will be provided specific to your needs and you will be informed every step of the way.


Following an adjustment, we will review your optimal care plan. A special care package rates will be discussed in detail. Chiropractic care serves as a foundation to good health and we are here to ignite the spark to help you reach your potential.


People often begin their chiropractic journey seeking care for a healthy concern. We very much understand this and our primary concern will be to help address and correct this problem. Subluxations (spinal misalignments) create dis-function. We are trained to find and correct these. Chiropractic adjustments correct subluxations, which in turn awakens and supports the body’s innate connection to healing and thriving.


Wellness care is offered and recommended. Families who get find that regular adjustments help them with every aspect of their health and well being.


We make use of therapeutic exercises (tailored just for you) with most people as they begin care. Our goal is to instruct you in our exercise space (PHOTO OF EXERCISE AREA) to help address your body’s therapeutic exercise needs so that you can implement a simple routine in your daily schedule.


We offer individual nutritional consultations. Reducing inflammation with nutrition and specific supplements helps support the healing process. We are well versed at using this approach to help you get faster results.


Getting Better Faster class (required for new practice members) – (offered twice per month) Acquaint yourself with all that Advantage Chiropractic offers. Understand our goals for you, what it takes to get the most from your care and most importantly learn your chiropractic homework! At this workshop we will review your individually chosen exercises with you. You will receive instructions sheets and any other equipment required. IMPORTANT: bring a partner to learn this exercise with you. This helps with accountability and follow-through.


We do our best to inform you as to how we can help with your health concerns and we are committed to making it financial accessible. We offer affordable payment plans for correction and wellness care. We do our best to remove any obstacle standing in the way of our families reaching their full potential.

No Insurance?
No problem! We believe corrective chiropractic care should be accessible for every family, so we have created our own cost-effective care plans.

Care Plans
Most Americans don’t have insurance. The ones that do often find that chiropractic benefits are too limited to cover what their body really needs. Let’s face it. Insurance companies aren’t designed for creating wellness or long-term health. They are simply meant to handle crisis, sickness-based care. We want families to have regular chiropractic care for life – because people who receive regular chiropractic adjustments are healthier!

We make long-term, family wellness care possible and affordable.